Chevrolet #BestDayEver Campaign Spreads Joy Across Country

April 1 wasn’t just April Fool’s Day for Chevrolet—it was also the best day ever. The American carmaker surprised more than 12,000 people around the world during the Chevrolet #BestDayEver campaign, treating individuals to a treat, rather than tricking them per April Fool’s Day custom.

“Chevrolet took a vanguard position in creating a real-time marketing program that reached diverse audiences and brought about a new level of conversation about the brand,” said Paul Edwards, U.S. Vice President of Chevrolet marketing. “The brand engaged millions of people today and if we got just a fraction of those folks to take another look at our cars, trucks, and crossovers, we accomplished our goals.”

The Chevrolet #BestDayEver campaign recruited partners in sports, entertainment, and philanthropy to surprise people across the country. For instance, Kelly Clarkson held a free concert for pregnant women and new moms, while others received tickets for Major League Baseball games across the country. The surprises were endless, making sure thousands had the best day ever.

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