Chevrolet’s Pedestrian Avoidance Technology Comes to 2016 Malibu

Walking Across a Busy Street

Chevrolet has announced that its 2016 Malibu will come jam-packed with high-tech features. One such feature will be a ground-breaking low cost pedestrian avoidance technology, making a safety feature once found only on luxury vehicles and top-of-the-line mainstream models available to the masses.

The new system uses a camera mounted behind the windshield that is capable of detecting an obstruction in the car’s path. The technology alerts the driver in the event a collision is imminent, and automatically applies the brakes if the driver does not respond. Instead of using radar and/or sensors like other pedestrian avoidance technologies, Chevrolet’s pedestrian avoidance technology puts to use a single camera and software, making it possible to keep the cost low.

“The camera technology allows us to put it on more vehicles,” John Capp, GM’s director of global vehicle safety, said to Automotive News. “We can offer technologies that heretofore you had to step up to a radar package that maybe not all customers would want.”

Though GM has yet to release pricing and package details, we know that the new technology will be available on the next-gen 2016 Chevrolet Malibu later this year. Stop by Stalker Chevrolet today to learn more!

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