How to Change a Car Fuse in Five Simple Steps

It’s not uncommon if you find a fuse has blown in your car – in fact, that’s its purpose. A fuse is designed to regulate how much electricity flows through it, and when it becomes too much, the fuse blows to prevent serious damage. Thankfully, it’s not difficult to learn how to change a car fuse, and even better, it’s inexpensive to do so. Follow these five simple steps to get the job done.

Car Fuses

  1. Locate your car’s fuse panel. Usually found under the steering wheel, the fuse panel has several different color-coded fuses plugged in. Check your owner’s manual for the exact location in your car.
  2. Remove the fuse panel cover. When you remove the cover, you may notice that there is a handy diagram on the back that shows what each fuse powers.
  3. Locate the blown fuse. Determine which fuse needs to be replaced by looking for a black fuse or one where the metal filament is broken.
  4. Remove the broken fuse. Using tweezers, pliers, or your fingers, carefully remove the blown fuse. These break easily, and it’s much easier to pull out an entire fuse than a broken one.
  5. Put the new fuse in. Make sure you’ve obtained the correct replacement using your owner’s manual. Be sure you have the correct amperage, as using the wrong fuse can cause serious electrical problems. Simply use your finger to push and secure the fuse into the slot.

That’s it. Easy, right? If you find you need more help, refer to or give us a call at Stalker Chevrolet!