A Very Chevy Christmas

At dawn you arise,

your eyes in a glaze.

Awake, but befuddled

in your morning haze.

Yet, soon you remember that this morning special

not one to be missed.

This morning is Christmas,

let’s see if you got the gifts on your list.

A shirt, a tie, and some new blowing shoes.

These are splendid gifts,

But they’re no big “to-do”

Some power tools and dvds

you’re appreciative, yes

these are things that you need.

But you have the one thing on your list that you most desire

you have yet to notice

and begin to perspire

“I left tons of clues, I know they’re aware”

“I love watching movies,”

“And the shoes…couldn’t have picked a better pair”

“But deep down I thought, hoped that something else would be there.”

And as you begin to clean all the boxes and papers

Your wife shout, “There’s one more,

but try to stay quite so you don’t wake our neighbor”

You look perplexed as she approaches

You’re reminded of sleigh bells

with the jingle of her broaches.

She leads you outside and what do you see?

An all-new 2014 Chevy!

The Silverado 1500 to be specific

You’ve longed for it so much you kiss it like you’ve missed it.

Nevermind that it’s winter or that the wind chill is 4 below

Or that the forecast was “let it snow, let it snow”.

Too excited to feel frost

you’re new truck has made you feel like a boss.

But that feeling is short and your kiss to long

your lips become stuck and the feeling is gone.

Warm water is brought with a stifled laughter,

but once you’re free it is of no matter.

The embarrassment will be short,

and you truck will last long

Because the Chevy Silverado is built to run strong.

Santa’s Silverado Sleigh is Back!

We’re pleased to announce that Santa’s Silverado Sleigh is back for a second ride at Stalker Chevrolet.

Christmas comes at the perfect time this year, because Santa’s ride just got a major upgrade.  This year we’ll feature the all-new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 as Santa’s Silverado Sleigh.

Picture that, a 2014 Silverado 1500 filled to the brim with toys headed to Matura. There aren’t too many sights better than that.

For those who want to donate but may not have time to get to a store, don’t fret. Monetary donations make great gifts, too.

Santa’s Silverado Sleigh will make an appearance this Thursday during the Lighted Christmas Parade at 7 pm.  The parade will start at the corner of Mills and Walnut.

Check out our Facebook page for weekly updates on just how full the sleigh is getting! And you can also find us on Pintrest pinning pictures, car tips, and all sorts of interesting stuff!

The holiday season is a great time to give, not just gifts to charity, but to give to family and friends as well. Gifts come in many forms, from a hello to a hug to a lifelong friendship.


Santas Sleigh 2012