How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter
How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Here in Iowa, winter comes early and lasts for a long time. That means now is the time to prepare your car for winter. With a few easy steps, you can help make sure you will make it through the season.

  • Fluids. Your vehicle’s fluids are its blood. If any of them are low or dirty, your car will not run properly.
  • Tires. During the winter months, you need tires that can cut through ice and snow and still stay pliable even when it is frigid outside. Consider switching to winter tires for optimal performance.
  • Lights. As the days gets shorter, you will be spending more time driving in the dark. Make sure all of your exterior lights are working and angled properly.
  • HVAC. You will need both your heater and air conditioner during the winter. Your heater warms you up, while the A/C removes the fog from your windshield.
  • Emergency kit. In case disaster does strike, you want to be prepared. Make sure you have an in-car emergency kit with items like high energy snacks, water, blankets, road flares, a small shovel, etc.

If you want to make sure your car is ready for the cold weather ahead, schedule a service appointment right here at Stalker Chevrolet. We will give your car the professional touch.

Auto Knowledge: When Should I Replace My Car?

“When should I replace my car?” A simple question asked by thousand, if not millions, on a daily basis. But the answer requires more factors than just a cars age and mileage. Let’s look at some of the factors.

Changing Tires
Minor fixes may not be troubling, but when they come every month it may be time to get a new ride.

Cost of Maintenance vs. Cost of Purchase

Many people compare the cost of continually replacing parts or bringing your car in for service to the purchase of a new car. Not a poor comparison, but it’s not the only thing to consider. A more fair comparison is cost of ownership.

A paid off car that requires some maintenance does have its advantages, for instance insurance is typically much cheaper on an owned vehicle. This alone can save you hundreds each year. Not to mention if you do get a new car lack of maintenance isn’t a guarantee. Depending on your warranty you may have to come out of pock for some repairs and new parts can be more expensive to replace.

Aside from insurance and repairs there’s a bigger cost factor, monthly payments versus no payment.  Sure it’d be great to pay for a car outright, but not everyone has that luxury. A down payment, tax, title, license plus additional monthly payment and loan interest can certainly hamstring a budget.

However, like the answer as we alluded to in the beginning this isn’t black and white. And as with any of your car questions or issues we’re always available to lend a helping hand or listening ear. So stop by or call 641-782-2181, if you have any questions on whether you should start the shopping process or need to think about another repair.

Brrrr…Cold Car Care Tips

Guess what everyone…it’s cold. Really cold. And when it’s cold nearly every outdoor activity becomes more difficult (save for skiing, snowboarding, etc.).  While I’m sure there are plenty of you that enjoy the snow and cold, your car is unlikely to have the same feelings. So while we’re in the grips of near record cold temperatures here are a few tips to make your life a little easier.

Cold car care preventative maintenance tips

Have your battery tested/Change your battery. Cold weather can zap the power from a battery pretty quickly. If you’ve had your battery for a few years it may be best to bring your vehicle to a service department and have the battery changed. You can have the service team check for loose cables and corrosion as well.

Check your fluid levels. It’s important to keep your car at optimum efficiency in the cold so you’re not left stranded at any time. Antifreeze and oil are key because they help regulate your fluid temperatures and keep you engine parts well lubricated.

Check your windshield wipers. In any driving situation being able to see what’s in front of you is important. Wiper blades designed to combat the snow and ice of the winter will increase your visibility and help keep you safe.

Chains on Tires
Extreme cold weather and winter conditions can do a number on your vehicle, if you aren’t prepared.

Our last preventative cold car care tip is checking up on your tire pressure. Cold air compresses more quickly causing a dip in your tire’s PSI. Depending on how much the temperature drops this could affect your tires overnight. Be careful not to over inflate you tires. The PSI on the tire is the max pressure the tire can take. Not the preferred amount for the weight of your vehicle. That number is on the driver side door frame and owner’s manual.

We realize getting out in the cold isn’t fun. But getting stuck in the cold is worse. Make sure you take care of you car this winter.

First Day Performance From Your Current Chevrolet

Purchasing a car is a big decision, but its decision you make after your purchase that determine how much you’ll get out of your vehicle.

One of the best feelings about driving a new car is that first drive off the lot when the car is officially yours. But after a bit of time that feeling wears off, and often times so does the initial performance you had when you first left the lot.

With all of the built-in technologies in a Chevrolet, like the tire pressure monitoring system and oil life system, your Chevrolet is working to keep you informed about its health. However, not all Chevy vehicles or systems are equipped with alerts or updates. To find out more information about when your vehicle needs service refer to you Chevrolet vehicle owner’s manual.

The Chevrolet vehicle owner’s manual is an excellent resource to use to make sure you stay up-to-date on your maintenance schedule. You should familiarize yourself with the items in the owner’s manual to learn more about your vehicle and utilize all the options your Chevrolet posses.

Now is a great time to stop in to our dealership for service. Fall is here and in a few short weeks winter weather will be creeping up on us.  Schedule an appointment for tires with our 30-Day price match offer. Buy select tires and if you find a better price within 30 days of the purchase, we’ll refund he difference.