Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 Army Truck Goes for Testing

Chevrolet Colorado
Chevrolet Colorado

The Chevrolet Colorado has proven itself to be one of the most capable trucks in the industry, but now it’s facing its greatest challenge yet. The United States Army traverses some of the toughest landscapes that the world has to offer. As such, they need a vehicle that can conquer the roughest terrain imaginable. The Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 army truck is the vehicle for the job.

The Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 army truck is silent, sneaky, and tough. The model is powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell electric powertrain that’s silent and produces water as its only emission. That’s a near-180-degree turn, green-energy-wise, from the current diesel-powered Humvees the army currently uses.

The big Humvees haven’t given the army a reputation for being silent, but the Colorado ZH2 could change that. The large mud tires, silent powertrain, and near-invisible heat profile make it a hard vehicle to detect.

The prototype is currently undergoing a year of testing by the army in some of the roughest conditions imaginable. The truck will make its way to a number of army bases throughout the country as it proves it mettle time and time again.

If testing proves successful, we may very well be looking at the next generation of army transport vehicles.

We here at Stalker Chevrolet are proud to see such a capable truck undergoing testing in the field.

Who Do You Remember on Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a tradition dating back to the civil war, when soldiers would honor their fall comrades. The holiday grew as family and friends decorated graves and remember those who had bravely served in the armed forces.

Today this holiday is often celebrated by families gathering to remember not just those who served in the military, but anyone who is no longer with us. These celebrations often take the form of barbeques, family trips, and general enjoyment of a long weekend.

Remembering lost ones can stir up a great deal of memories, and while we may miss those who are gone the pleasure they gave us in their life is the reason we take a day to celebrate them.

And so this upcoming Memorial Day, at Stalker Chevrolet we want to know who do you remember on this day? Is it a relative, a friend, a loved one, a neighbor? Whomever you’re remembering this holiday we want to thank them for their service.

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