Cars and Sports: Sports Cars

NHL PlayoffsEvery four years the month of June becomes a paradise for sports fans. Baseball season is in full swing. The NBA and NHL’s top teams are battling in the finals. And the world’s most popular sport, soccer, has a grand tournament. This got us think about sports and cars, but more specifically sports cars.


NBA FinalsWhat is it about sports and sports cars that piques our interest so much? Is it the thrill of competition inherent to both? Maybe it’s how both require a distinct combination of athleticism, skill, determination, and skill to perform at the highest level? Or it could be that both are just exciting to watch and do (or drive).
The feeling of shifting the clutch and hitting the gas provides an adrenaline rush and euphoria is typically reserved for an athlete making a clutch play.

It’s not surprising that early sports cars were used for rally races,World Cup Brazil like the Monte Carlo. And much like sports the evolution of the sports car has been awe-inspiring, but not devoid of criticism. The brilliantly designed 2014 Corvette Stingray took tons of heat for the “Camaro-esque” taillights. But unlike the problems people are having with the MLB’s replay system, talk of the square Stingray taillights has greatly died down (Mainly because it’s a beast of a sports car).


While we certainly salute (and often agree with) those who would rather drive a truck, sedan, or SUV, we thought now was a good time to salute the sports car. The sports car: a stylish, power-packed, corner bending, tire burning, adrenaline rising vehicle.



Chevy Sports Car
2014 Corvette Stingray