2019 Silverado Sneak Peek

2019 Silverado Sneak Peek
Chevrolet Silverado

Before a new model can hit production, it has to be thoroughly road tested in the real world. However, automakers don’t want to give away their design secrets, so they use camouflage and padding to hide the finer points of a new model while it is out on the road. While it hides the details, it also makes it obvious that it is a test model.

Recently, we got a sneak peek at the upcoming all-new 2019 Silverado. Photographers recently caught the new model out testing and were able to capture a few shots of the truck with a lot of padding. However, from the details we can see, the new truck will gain a new headlight design, the side mirrors are being moved to the doors, there is a new grille design, and a larger air dam. Many of these features will seemingly help the truck be more aerodynamic to gain a few miles per gallon.

Another interesting detail captured was a side-exit exhaust. This could indicate that Chevrolet is testing a new engine for the Silverado 1500, which could either replace one of the existing engines or be a new available option.

While we don’t know when the 2018 Silverado will officially be unveiled, the North American International Auto Show held in Detroit in January is a likely bet.

Here at Stalker Chevrolet, we can’t wait to see what the next-generation Silverado has in store.

Corvette Inspires New Chevrolet Volt Design

There are many things the hybrid Chevrolet Volt brings to the table, including fuel efficiency and an extended range. Now, Chevrolet is hoping to make consumers think beyond the Volt’s superior performance with a new Chevrolet Volt design that is sure to knock the socks off of anyone—including Corvette lovers.

The next-generation Volt will have a touch of sports car in its new design, taking some styling cues from the beloved Chevrolet Corvette, General Motors’ iconic sports car. A taut hood and hexagonal taillights will add a sportier feel to the hybrid car, helping the Volt shed a bit of its green-car persona.

Though it might look more like a sports car, the Volt will still offer an incredible amount of fuel efficiency. This includes a brand new system allowing the driver to adjust the degree of regenerative braking the Volt uses. The level is changed with steering-wheel paddles that can capture as much energy as possible.

First Generation Chevy Volt
Look for cues of the Corvette Stingray in next-gen Chevrolet Volt design. Chevy is promoting a sportier look than the current Volt.

With these big changes, the Chevrolet Volt is sure to make an even bigger impression on the car world. While there isn’t much information out there about the next-generation Volt, you can still stop in to Stalker Chevrolet and see what the current Volt has to offer.