School Lunch Tips for Packing the Best Meal

School Lunch Tips
School Lunch Tips

It’s an age-old question: how do you prepare a healthy school lunch that your kids will actually eat? With these simple school lunch tips from Stalker Chevrolet, you can have your kids eating well all year long.


Plan Ahead

If you want to send your kids to school with something they’ll enjoy, you’ve got to be realistic. Don’t send them your favorite lunch. Instead, talk with them once a month to see what they’re interested in trying. Bring the kids grocery shopping with you so they can pick out the vegetables and proteins they like.


Prep Ahead

Most of the things you’ll be sending along in lunches can be prepared ahead over the weekend. For instance, you can chop up veggies, wash fruit, or make a batch of pasta, soup, or rice. Get the simple stuff out of the way and your morning rush will be all the easier.


Keep the Kids Involved

Their job isn’t over when you leave the grocery store. If you have plenty of fresh options to choose from, your kids will have fun putting together sandwiches and snacks that they know they will enjoy. Their thoughtful lunch will be the talk of the cafeteria, and you’ll never find a backpack with another rejected sandwich in it again.

Fall Means Football, School, and Hot Air Balloon Days

Fall is for football. Simple enough, but lots of other events take place in autumn.

For just about every school-aged child in Iowa, fall means friends and foes. Friends that they may not have seen for three months as they enjoyed their summer vacation away from their foes, teachers (we kid, we love teachers).

Hawkeye football fans were on the edge of their seats a bit more than we would have appreciated in a week one opener against UNI. But a win is a win, and now it’s on to Ball State.

NFL and fantasy football fans everywhere are rejoicing, as the NFL kicks off with matchup between to NFC championship contenders; Green Bay at Seattle.  The last time the two faced off at CenturyLink Field we were treated to 12-14 game that ended in controversy. Thankfully that controversy lead to the return of the regular officials.+

In Creston, fall bring Hot Air Balloon Days. Three days of entertainment, food, community involvement, and balloon races.
Whatever fall means for you, we hope you enjoy it. A season where the heat of summer cools and crisp air fills the night sky.

Car Seat Safety Guidelines

If you’re like many Creston parents, next week you’ll be chauffeuring your children to school. However, just because your kids are at the age where they begin to go off to learn doesn’t mean they’re ready to ride with just a seat belt.

Preschoolers and young school-aged children should still be using forward-facing car seats and booster seats, respectively. For parents making the commute with infants or toddlers, a rear-facing car seat is the best option for your toddler.

Driving Toddler

Car seats have come a long way recently. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has updated their requirements on car seats and car seat manufacturers have improved technology and ease of installment.

The type of car seat you’ll need largely depends on the height and weight of your child, not their age. A smaller 9 year-old may still be safest in a convertible forward-facing car seat.  While the law in Iowa may state that children 6 and above can ride with simply a safety belt, most passengers aren’t big enough to ride this way until 12 or 13.

It’s important to make sure your child is in the right car seat. Please follow the necessary precautions to keep your child safe this school year and any time you’re on the road.