The Importance of Tire Rotations

The Importance of Tire Rotations
The Importance of Tire Rotations

There are a lot of steps you need to take to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly. One of those is tire rotation. The importance of tire rotations cannot be overstated. Let’s look at a few reasons why you need to do this. Then, you can schedule a service appointment at Stalker Chevrolet to get your car back on track.

  • To determine how often you need your tires rotated, you should check the owner’s manual. In general, many manufacturers recommend a rotation after driving for about 5,000-6,000 miles.
  • With regular tire rotations, you can ensure your tires will have a long life. A rotation makes sure your tires are wearing evenly across all four wheels. If you have a full-size spare, you can also “rotate in” that tire as well.
  • There are specific rotation patterns for different types of vehicles. To know which pattern you should use, you need to know your vehicle’s drive type (front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, etc.), the size of your tires and wheels, and if you have directional tires.

Along with tire rotations, you should also routinely get the tires aligned. Over time as you go over bumps and drive through potholes, your tires can become angled incorrectly. An alignment makes sure everything is lined up correctly.

For all your tire and car care needs, contact Stalker Chevrolet. Our service center can get you what you need.

Three Overlooked Car Maintenance Items

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, car maintenance can often be left on the backburner. Even when we do the basic regular oil changes and checkups, we often forget to take care of some important maintenance items.
These are our top three commonly overlooked car maintenance items:

  1. Wheel alignment and tire rotation. These are often done at the same time, but car owners often overlook scheduling this service. The back tires wear differently than the front tires, so it’s important to have the tires rotated on a regular basis to ensure all the tires are wearing evenly. Also be sure to have your alignment checked, especially if you notice your car pulling to one side or the other. Ignoring this pull can result in over-worn tires and less-efficient driving.

Wheel Alignment

  1. Timing belt replacement. The timing belt needs to be replaced every 50 – 60,000 miles (check your owner’s manual). Failing to replace a slipping or broken timing belt can cause the piston and valves to collide, destroying the engine.
  1. Brake Service. Your car’s brake fluid should be checked on a regular basis, and replaced if it turns a dark brown color. In the event water is absorbed into the brake fluid, the brake’s hydraulic system can be corroded over time.

Car Disc Brakes

Here are even more services you shouldn’t overlook.

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Auto Knowledge: When Should I Replace My Car?

“When should I replace my car?” A simple question asked by thousand, if not millions, on a daily basis. But the answer requires more factors than just a cars age and mileage. Let’s look at some of the factors.

Changing Tires
Minor fixes may not be troubling, but when they come every month it may be time to get a new ride.

Cost of Maintenance vs. Cost of Purchase

Many people compare the cost of continually replacing parts or bringing your car in for service to the purchase of a new car. Not a poor comparison, but it’s not the only thing to consider. A more fair comparison is cost of ownership.

A paid off car that requires some maintenance does have its advantages, for instance insurance is typically much cheaper on an owned vehicle. This alone can save you hundreds each year. Not to mention if you do get a new car lack of maintenance isn’t a guarantee. Depending on your warranty you may have to come out of pock for some repairs and new parts can be more expensive to replace.

Aside from insurance and repairs there’s a bigger cost factor, monthly payments versus no payment.  Sure it’d be great to pay for a car outright, but not everyone has that luxury. A down payment, tax, title, license plus additional monthly payment and loan interest can certainly hamstring a budget.

However, like the answer as we alluded to in the beginning this isn’t black and white. And as with any of your car questions or issues we’re always available to lend a helping hand or listening ear. So stop by or call 641-782-2181, if you have any questions on whether you should start the shopping process or need to think about another repair.

Spring in to Service – Car Care Awareness Month

Dust off your lawn mower, fire up the grill, and bust out your baseball glove; spring is here. And with spring’s arrival comes spring cleaning and car care.

Proper car care can you in more ways than one. Perhaps the most notable is safety. Taking care of your vehicle and making sure all scheduled and required maintenance has been done is a major factor in overall car safety.

Car Care Service
Stop by Stalker Chevrolet during Car Care Awareness Month

Proper car care can also save you money. And who doesn’t like to save money?!  Making sure your car is properly tuned, having proper tire pressure, keeping your engine oil regulated, replacing dirty air filters, and having a tight gas cap can all aid in saving you money at the gas pump. Along with those more minor maintenance tips, having serious maintenance or repairs done can also greatly improve your gas mileage; saving you potential hundreds in the long run.

Another way you’ll save money with car care is through making your vehicle more dependable. Keeping up on your regularly scheduled maintenance will allow your car to stay on the road longer and with less major upkeep. This will save you in cash from gas to repairs to rentals.

During car care month we hope you keep our Certified Service Technicians in mind when deciding where to have your vehicle serviced.

First Day Performance From Your Current Chevrolet

Purchasing a car is a big decision, but its decision you make after your purchase that determine how much you’ll get out of your vehicle.

One of the best feelings about driving a new car is that first drive off the lot when the car is officially yours. But after a bit of time that feeling wears off, and often times so does the initial performance you had when you first left the lot.

With all of the built-in technologies in a Chevrolet, like the tire pressure monitoring system and oil life system, your Chevrolet is working to keep you informed about its health. However, not all Chevy vehicles or systems are equipped with alerts or updates. To find out more information about when your vehicle needs service refer to you Chevrolet vehicle owner’s manual.

The Chevrolet vehicle owner’s manual is an excellent resource to use to make sure you stay up-to-date on your maintenance schedule. You should familiarize yourself with the items in the owner’s manual to learn more about your vehicle and utilize all the options your Chevrolet posses.

Now is a great time to stop in to our dealership for service. Fall is here and in a few short weeks winter weather will be creeping up on us.  Schedule an appointment for tires with our 30-Day price match offer. Buy select tires and if you find a better price within 30 days of the purchase, we’ll refund he difference.