What Is the Future of Chevy Truck Beds?

future of Chevy truck beds

As vehicle technology progresses year after year, cars and trucks get lighter, while simultaneously getting stronger, more efficient, and more powerful. As for the future of Chevy truck beds, we can expect the same type of progress.

According to industry speculation, GM could start incorporating carbon fiber into future models of the Chevrolet Silverado. Carbon fiber is lighter than steel, which would help the Silverado become more efficient. But, it is also stronger than steel, which is a necessity for a rugged truck bed.

Reports indicate that the material would be a carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic with a dense configuration. This material would be less expensive than the carbon fiber materials used in other brands, while still delivering superior strength and durability.

What do you think? Should Chevrolet make the switch to carbon fiber for its truck beds or do you prefer the tried and true steel? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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Coolest Chevy Car of All Time

Recently Kirk Bell, an MSN Autos contributor, compiled a list titled Camaros through the years: 15 coolest. And that got us to thinking, “The Camaro is a great car sure, but Chevy has lots of great cars. So what’s the greatest of the great?”

We could spout off all types of facts and features about Chevrolet vehicles. Discussing icons like the 1970 Chevelle SS with 454 big-block engine or we could blast to the present and talk about the electric power Chevy Volt or maybe you’re a fan of the big boy toys and choose the legendary Chevy Suburban.

All the facts, features, and story we have couldn’t possibly top your Chevy memories. So let us know what you think. What is the greatest Chevy of all-time? Post your answers to our Facebook page or respond on Twitter to @StalkerChevy or with the hashtag #ChevyGOAT.

To help you out a bit, check out these videos showcasing the first 100 years of Chevrolet.

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Working Like a Dog

A lot of dog lovers worry about leaving their better halves—the four legged guys with a mean bark—at home during the 9 to 5 work day. Believe it or not, several places all around America allow pet owners to bring their dogs into work. Some Chevy dealerships even let dogs join their owners on test drives, understanding that how your pet will do in a car is a big determining factor in whether or not you get it.

If you’re planning on getting a new Chevy and often take Fido along for rides—whether it’s to work, to the vet, or even on a vacation—make sure to get a car that is suited not just to your needs but also to the needs of man’s best friend. Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Always ensure the car has safety windows and locks. Curious critters will often press buttons they shouldn’t.
  • For shedding dogs, don’t forget to consider fabric treatment options.
  • Size and age of dog are very important factors. The bigger the dog is, the more backseat space you will need. Good luck fitting a German Shepherd into a Chevy Spark. Age is often overlooked, but for more elderly dogs, it is important to have cars that are lower to the ground, to make getting in and out easier.
  • Ask your dealer about hooks to attach your dog’s safety harness.
  • Tinted windows are dog’s other best friend, as they prevent your canine from overheating.

Once you have your Chevy to cart your critter to work in, it is imperative that you stick to some crucial safety guidelines to provide the most harmless drive for you and your passengers—human or otherwise.

  • Dogs belong in the backseat. Front seat driving is dangerous to a dog, as airbags can seriously injure them.
  • Keeping a first aid kit in the car is smart, for both dogs and human passengers.
  • Many pet owners think traveling with a crate is the safest option, but crates can actually pop open upon impact in the event of a crash. The safest option is a harness that attaches to a hook.
  • Letting your dog hang its head out the window sounds cute in theory, but it can actually endanger your dog. It stands the chance of getting debris in its eyes, falling off the seat, or slamming against the window frame upon stopping or slowing down.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Even if you are just going to work, it’s you and your best friend behind the wheel of your favorite car. Life is anything but ruff.


Video courtesy of Chevrolet via YouTube

Chevy Silverado: The Truck of Choice

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If you want to be a little kinder to Mother Nature, there is always the hybrid route. The Silverado 1500 Hybrid performs well as a truck, as a gas-saver, and as an environmental asset. With great fuel economy and all the capabilities of a pickup, the Silverado 1500 Hybrid is a viable option.

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